Biography of The DJ One

Hey visitors and friends ! Thank you for reaching out 🙂 Here’s a quick biography of myself…not much to say though.

I’m The DJ One, a french DJ, producer and composer. I was born the 4th of July 1976 in Paris. I don’t write specific genre of electronic music, I just let my mind go through the entire process of creation, which gives a lot of different sounds and melodies. It could be, dance music, electro, techno, house music, synthwave or just something not classified.

You probably heard some samples of my music in Brick Casey’s hip hop track : I don’t give a phuck, 2035 City Boi and recently in The Paris Agreement. If you don’t, here’s a youtube playlist where you’ll listen to these 3 tracks :

All my works are here on my music page first, then on all streaming platforms, bandcamp and some great supportives radios such as Krack Radio.

Feel free to contact me for anything and if you’re nice with me, I will put your comment here 🙂