New : Xpack unlimited music subscription – 3€/month

3,00 / 1 month

Here’s what you get if you subscribe to the Xpack unlimited right now :

  • Come to me
  • Electrons don’t die
  • Reverse polarity
  • Power cut
  • Lines of force


“Why to Subscribe to the Xpack unlimited ?”

So… Visitor…Wether you here by pure chance, whether because you love my music… Anyway, let me tell you I’m happy to see you !☀️

Nowadays, Most of artists, composers, music makers are not selling their music anymore. All their efforts are going for promotions on social media and streaming platforms. I used to do that as well… Used to… Until I realized it gets me more time than making music.

As indie artists, you have to understand that the business industry dramatically change this last decade. Now, we’re not just making music but we need to promote it, make the teaser, design the cover art, grow our fans base, contact radios…. And so many things you don’t even imagine… And since a day is 24h long no matter what, the more time you spend on promotion, the less you’re making music. Obvious, isn’t it?

Of course, you will find my music on Spotify and others… But…Do you known how much you give me when you hit that play button ? 0,0034$…yup…Do you know how much time it gets to make a song from composing to mastering? Let’s say 7 days… Now, I let you figure out about my profitability threshold 😉

So I came to the point that I have to offer you, the ones who really listen to my music, something different, something closer, make you part of my music journey if I can say that.

So here’s the deal… Wether to sell my track one by one as a regular product, I have created some kind of partnership. For a small recurring fee of 3€/mo, you get all my already existing tracks in High Quality format (.wav files 48000Khz) , plus, all the futur ones 15 days before they get released. You will receive demos, bonuses and be asking for your thoughts about tracks while composing, almost as if you were in the studio with me ! How cool is that ! From time to time, you may also receive special offers for merch and others.

— It’s a very new way of collaboration —

Of course you’ll be able to leave that partnership at anytime.

If you want to give a listen to what’s already out and what’s coming soon, just visit my music page.

 “Ok, The DJ One…I love your music and all…but, why should I pay 3€/month since I already have a spotify, deezer, apple…music account ?”

I saw that one coming…and you are right. As said before, all my music is on those streaming platforms but you know how much I get paid when you’re doing that, remember ? 0,0034$ / play.

Now let me tell you something else about spotify and others. Do you know, when you’re listening to your favorite artists (me for instance :), you actually also giving money to big major artists you don’t listen to or even like ?! Thanks to the actual algorithms, that’s how the streaming platforms share the revenues between artists.

So by subscribing to the Xpack unlimited, you know exactly where your money is going !

“Anything else I can do ?”

If you can’t subscribe to the Xpack unlimited but still want to support me, here’s a little thing you can easily do and for free… The algorithms of streaming platforms like new subscribers. So, as a favor, wether you join my partnership program or not, you could subscribe to any of my music profile (the one you use) by clicking on one of those links :

Thanks for your help and your support.

The DJ One.